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Commercial Solar

Discover cutting-edge solar solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of large-scale enterprises.

Commercial Solar Solutions

At Spectrum Energy Systems, we excel in providing bespoke solar energy systems for businesses of varying sizes. Our commercial solar solutions aim to drastically reduce your carbon footprint while significantly cutting operational costs and bolstering your commitment to environmental responsibility.

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Planning for Commercial Solar Installation:

  1. Initial Consultation and Site Assessment:

    • Understanding your business’s energy needs and assessing the feasibility of installing solar panels at your location.

  2. System Design and Engineering:

    • Tailoring a solar system design that maximises energy output while considering the architectural specifics of your commercial building.

  3. Permitting and Compliance:

    • Navigating through the necessary permits and ensuring compliance with local regulations and building codes.

  4. Installation and Integration:

    • Professional installation of solar panels with minimal disruption to your business operations, integrating seamlessly with existing electrical systems.

  5. Post-Installation Support and Maintenance:

    • Providing ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the system’s efficiency and longevity.
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Why Choose Us?

In an era where sustainability is not just a choice but a business imperative, our solar solutions offer a pragmatic path to green energy adoption. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with commercial energy needs, and we tailor our approach to align with your specific business goals. From initial consultation to post-installation support, we ensure a seamless transition to solar, helping you lead the way in corporate sustainability

Leverage our deep understanding and experience in cutting-edge solar technology to ensure efficient and reliable energy solutions.

Benefit from our tailored approach to solar system design, ensuring each setup meets your specific energy needs and preferences.

Join us in our mission for a greener future. Our sustainable practices and solutions are aimed at reducing environmental impact.

Enjoy a hassle-free installation experience, with our team managing all aspects from planning to execution with utmost professionalism.

Rely on our dedicated customer support team for any queries or assistance, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory solar journey.

Our commitment extends beyond installation. We offer robust aftercare and maintenance services to keep your system at peak performance.

Explore our range of solar storage options that enhance energy efficiency and provide power stability for your home or business.

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers​

A very satisfied customer for work performed by professional artisans. Would recommend 100%. Confident should I get a problem, that they will be there. Have yet to evaluate whether the forecasts are correct – but now must be the time to go solar. So 10/10 for Spectrum. Enjoy the holiday Les.

Mr Wright

From first contacting Spectrum and arranging the installation, to completion, communication and information have been first class , also after care is of a high standard with follow up to ensure everything is working as it should be. If you are in the market for additional batteries adding to an existing solar system or a complete system, I would 100 percent recommend them, Charles and his team are outstanding.

Johnny Anderson

Brilliant company to deal with. From the initial chat about my requirements to installation, I can’t fault one thing. I found Solar somewhat a minefield with some people trying to bamboozle me with information but Spectrum helped explain it in simple terms. The installation was faultless and they even called me 2 days later just to check everything was running OK. 10/10 team. Would definitely recommend.

Mr Hopkinson

Fantastic job done by the team from start to finish got to be the best out there after service outstanding well impressed.

Miss Graham