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Solar Battery Storage

Maximise Your Solar Investment with a solar battery installation.

Store Your Unused Energy With A Solar Battery System

With our advanced solar battery storage, harness solar power even when the sun sets. Store excess energy generated during the day for use anytime, significantly reducing your dependence on the grid.

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Battery Storage Benefits

Enhance Your Solar Experience. Our solar battery storage systems offer unparalleled benefits:

  • Continuous Power Supply: Store unused solar energy for night use, ensuring a consistent energy source.

  • Financial Efficiency: Reduce your energy bills further and safeguard against rising energy costs.

  • Increased Property Value: Homes with solar storage systems are attractive to buyers, offering energy independence and lower bills.

  • Seamless Integration: Compatible with existing solar panel systems, our storage solutions are a perfect upgrade for enhanced self-sustainability.

Answer: Yes, you can retrofit battery storage to your current solar PV system. The complexity of this addition depends on the initial setup of your solar PV system.

  • For Systems Designed for Future Expansion: If your solar panels were installed with future storage in mind, integrating battery storage is typically straightforward. In such cases, the inverter is already compatible with power storage requirements.

  • For Systems Without Initial Storage Design: If your solar panel system wasn’t initially designed for battery storage, there are several viable options:

    • Inverter Replacement: Swap your current inverter for one compatible with battery storage.

    • Adding a Storage Inverter: Install a storage inverter alongside your existing inverter.

    • Inverter-Integrated Batteries: Opt for battery storage units with built-in inverters, allowing for the removal of the old inverter and seamless integration.

Answer: Pairing battery storage with your solar panels brings multiple benefits:

  • Energy Storage for Later Use: Capture and store solar energy during the day for night-time usage.

  • Increased Energy Cost Savings: Utilise the stored solar energy, reducing dependency on external energy providers and lowering your bills.

  • Enhanced Energy Independence: Break free from the limitations of the national grid and inconsistent energy providers.

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Rely more on renewable energy, decreasing your reliance on carbon-based power sources and enhancing your environmental impact.

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A very satisfied customer for work performed by professional artisans. Would recommend 100%. Confident should I get a problem, that they will be there. Have yet to evaluate whether the forecasts are correct – but now must be the time to go solar. So 10/10 for Spectrum. Enjoy the holiday Les.

Mr Wright

From first contacting Spectrum and arranging the installation, to completion, communication and information have been first class , also after care is of a high standard with follow up to ensure everything is working as it should be. If you are in the market for additional batteries adding to an existing solar system or a complete system, I would 100 percent recommend them, Charles and his team are outstanding.

Johnny Anderson

Brilliant company to deal with. From the initial chat about my requirements to installation, I can’t fault one thing. I found Solar somewhat a minefield with some people trying to bamboozle me with information but Spectrum helped explain it in simple terms. The installation was faultless and they even called me 2 days later just to check everything was running OK. 10/10 team. Would definitely recommend.

Mr Hopkinson

Fantastic job done by the team from start to finish got to be the best out there after service outstanding well impressed.

Miss Graham