DEIF Partnership

Deif control solutions deliver power efficiency. Spectrum is proud to be Deif’s UK partner in offering controller retrofit for both new and Vestas remanufactured wind turbine installations.

Advanced pitch control optimises wind turbine power production whilst turbine control provides an end-to-end control system to manage performance, availability and optimal energy production.

Spectrum has partnered with DEIF since 2016 as we believe they deliver the most optimal energy production and control technology. By managing your turbine to optimal efficiency, it will extend its lifetime, increase energy production and maximise availability for over 20 years.

If you wish to extend the lifetime of your wind turbine, contact us now for a free consultation.

Whether the turbines are in the kW and MW class, we provide a new customised control system solution to secure the optimal energy production. With DEIF’s green and innovative control technology, the upgraded turbines are provided with the main
benefits; extended lifetime, increased energy production and maximum availability. Originally designed to last for 20 years,
retrofitted turbines can stay in operation up to 20 years more.

Altogether these benefits lower the turbine operational costs and secure your investment.