DEIF Controller

A retrofit could dramatically increase the lifetime of your wind turbine, saving you money and stress. Spectrum provides DEIF retrofits to optimise availability, improve your annual energy generation, reduce service costs and extend the lifetime.

DEIF controller upgrades are retrofitted to maximise availability and increase efficiency.

Operators and owners of Vestas wind turbines need to possess the most accurate knowledge of how their turbines are operating, so they can optimise availability and energy production.

Our controller retrofit solves the problem of COTAS controller down time, by replacing it with a new DEIF system. Using DEIF Wind Power Technology, it provides a cost-effective solution that can secure a higher level of turbine uptime therefore optimising production.

Included in the upgrade is:

  • DEIF Wind Power Technology- the only worldwide approved alternative for COTAS controllers
  • Controller HW replacement – new Main Controller with robust design and low-temperature start ups
  • Modern Turbine Control Software
  • Fewer stops due to intelligent yaw and cable twist
  • Improved wind measurement – with latest ultrasonic sensors, the efficiency to the control algorithm is improved significantly
  • Nacelle positioning – yaw alignment – using more advanced encoder technology to optimise nacelle positioning
  • High wind ride through – in the high wind area, it is possible to gain both increased availability and efficiency
  • Intelligent temperature control – using intelligent temperature control to derate instead of stopping
  • Wind sector management – optimise production and life time on complex sites through WSM
  • Improved pitch at low/medium wind – proven efficiency gain at low and medium speed – inside load envelope
  • VRCC failure ride through – support for VRCC and override “300 kW” limitation OR removal of VRCC

In partnership with DEIF

DEIF and Spectrum have been working closely now for three years. Both companies recognised their respective technical abilities and forged a relationship to offer a better, more advanced controller system for Vestas turbine owners in the UK.

Having installed nearly 10 new AWC controllers into our most recent Vestas refurbished turbine projects, we think this relationship will grow from strength to strength.