Wind Turbine
Installation Service

Spectrum Energy Systems are highly experienced, highly technical and highly advanced wind turbine installers. Our experience spans across a whole host of manufacturers and models, both new and remanufactured.
We have installed from Thurso to Totnes and everywhere in-between.

Spectrum’s wind turbine installation service is available to all customers, including those who only want to purchase wind turbine installation services, without purchasing a turbine from us. Our expert installation team ensures that your project comes to fruition on time and on budget.

Spectrum Energy Systems - Wind turbine installation
Spectrum Energy Systems - Wind turbine installation - blades
Spectrum Energy Systems - Wind turbine installation - blades2

All aspects of the wind turbine installation are handled by Spectrum’s team of experienced staff. It includes the following services:

  • Site design
  • Foundation design and construction – every site is different. Soil conditions, elevation, site temperature, tower type and height all dictate the specific design requirements of the foundation.
  • Trenching
  • Cranes – crane hire and hard standing trackway is included.
  • Mechanical and electrical installation – we handle all aspects of the turbine installation.
  • DNO connection – we will apply to your district network operator on your behalf.
  • G59 design, installation and sign off – we produce a range of G59 Loss of Mains Protection Relays for renewable energy systems in a wide range of sizes.
  • Lightning protection and earthing systems – we design, install and test lightning and earthing protection systems.
  • Service and maintenance – to ensure that life cycle costs are maintained at a manageable level, regular maintenance is the key to keeping downtime to a minimum and production up.
  • Spectrum is one of the few companies approved and certified to build, install and sign off (witness test) full G59 installations.

To discover more about our wind turbine installation service, please contact us.