South Kirkby, West Yorkshire ICE Co V27

Product: Vestas V27 Wind Turbine – Size: 225kW, Location: South Kirkby, West Yorkshire. Dated of Installation: n/a

The turbine was located in the corner of a storage yard covered by a concrete hard standing which was used for the storage of wooden pallets. The solid geology comprises strata from the Upper Coal Measures Formation being carboniferous and typically comprising grey mudstone, siltstone and sandstone.

Remanufactured wind turbines are in the region of 10 years old and all technology is reliable and
fully compliant with all current legislation. As a guide, a remanufactured wind turbine can provide a commercial saving of 25% compared to new wind turbines, are eligible for Feed-in-Tariff payments and have been approved by Ofgem.


One of the many remanufactured wind turbines offered by Spectrum, the 225kW medium sized Vestas V27 turbine, is perfect for industrial and commercial use. Selected by the clients for its reliability, availability of spare parts and cost effectiveness it provides a good return on investment for a low wind speed site. The energy capture of the Vestas V27 wind turbine is exceptionally good across a wide range of wind speeds and comes installed on a 31m (27m blade diameter) which is one of the best-selling wind turbines worldwide. The V27 wind turbine has been manufactured to high-quality standards and is intended for a range of harsh conditions, especially exposed locations.

The client on site at South Kirkby is a high energy user and looked at the possibilities of using the V27 as a way of reducing his energy cost. With a wind speed of 6.0m/s the Turbine would contribute to an output saving 450,000kwh per annum making a considerable reduction in the Company’s energy bills. The Feed in Tariff is based upon payment for energy generation and therefore clients have made an immediate saving of 100% of all energy produced.