Solar Panels
For Business

Whether you’re looking to reduce your energy consumption on site, secure future energy generation for your business, or help save the environment, Spectrum are the experts in commercial rooftop installations. As one of a handful of companies still operating in the sector since the inception of the FiT back in 2010, we have continued to install solar panels for UK based SME’s to large scale industry.

We share all of our extensive knowledge and experience with you, to help you make an informed decision on which system design and products are best suited to your facility. Our approach also delivers assistance with your structural and EPC surveys, integral discussions with your grid supplier, financial support with the project if required and, most importantly, an exemplary and professional solar installation.

We will also provide a comprehensive operation and maintenance package suited to your installation.

Are solar panels still worth considering?

Despite the recent feed in tariff cuts, solar panels are still very much viable and should be a serious consideration for businesses that are using a high amount of electricity.

Reduce your electricity bill

Generating your own electricity via your solar panels and using it onsite means you are buying less electricity from your provider. This helps to reduce your electricity bill year on year.

Helping to save the environment

Generating your own electricity from solar helps you to reduce your carbon output. Climate change is a huge topic of concern and more and more industries are looking for partners, suppliers and clients who embrace renewable initiative more than others. If you can demonstrate your commitment to renewable technologies within your business, it may help you obtain a competitive advantage.

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Business finance options for solar installations

Whilst the feed-in tariff was heavily cut in January 2016, it’s still possible for your business to make realistic financial returns when buying a system outright. However, should you choose to protect your capital, there are still investors willing to undertake power purchase agreements. These agreements allow the investor to install solar on your premises to generate FiT’s. They then sell the generated power back to you at a reduced rate, allowing you to save on your electricity bill.

Battery Storage Systems

Integrating an onsite battery storage solution into your solar installation is another great way to extract the most from your solar array. By storing and subsequently using your generated electricity instead of exporting it back to the grid, your business will make even greater savings and reduce your future reliance on the National Grid.

Commercial and Industrial Rooftop Experts

Spectrum Energy Systems has over 20 years of experience in electrical installation.
On the back of this experience, we were one of the first companies to join the MCS scheme and champion Solar energy on a commercial scale.
More recently, the other arm of our business has grown to be successfully established in the wind turbine sector. We supply and install turbines up to 850kW.

With this vast of amount of experience, and the fact that we are still one of the few companies still operating in the renewable sector since 2010, we believe we are ideally placed to help you design, specify and install your Solar PV Installation.

Why not call us on 0115 773 7575 and find out how we can help.