Wind Turbines

Spectrum’s engineering services team have the expertise to ensure that our wind turbine project is developed in a smooth and timely manner. A high-quality installation ensures that your wind turbine system operates at optimum conditions.

Harnessing the power of wind is made simple through Spectrum’s state-of-the-art wind turbines. As with all cutting-edge technology, there is a level of complexity associated with maintaining the optimum performance of these highly-tuned machines to ensure they achieve their expected lifespan of 20-25 years.

Our attention to detail means that all our engineering works are carried out diligently and in accordance with the most current legislation and safety standards. Spectrum’s highly experienced engineering team covers all aspects of wind turbine installation, ranging from initial design through to sign-off.

Spectrum Energy Systems - Wind Turbine Servicing - Wires
Spectrum Energy Systems - Wind Turbine Servicing
Spectrum Energy Systems - Wind Turbine Servicing - Equipment

Spectrum’s engineering services include:

  • Electrical engineering for grid interconnections, including submissions to electric utilities.
  • System design and approvals including High voltage/low voltage (HV/LV) installations to the grid.
  • Ground surveys and foundation design
  • Civil design including access roads, foundations etc.
  • Turbine mechanical and electrical installations
  • SCADA and control system design, build and sign-off, including G59 panels.
  • Preparation of capital cost estimates
  • Project due diligence and third party review
  • Professional services during construction
  • Commissioning and operational support
  • On-going operational and maintenance services.

A dedicated team of engineers deliver Spectrum’s technical services and are responsible for fault analysis, modifications and upgrades, retrofitting of wind turbines, optimisation and maintenance procedures and 24/7 alarm handling. Using a solution-finding approach, they aim to keep the time from fault identification to resolution to a minimum so downtime is minimised.