CCA Power Vestas V42, Crail, Fife

Product: Vestas V42, 40m Tower, Location: Crail, Fife, Scotland. Date of Installation: September 2016

Crail Community Association approached Spectrum to provide a cost to supply and install a remanufactured Vestas V42 on a 40m tower. The turbine was to be sited on land owned by Cornceres Farm located on the beautiful south eastern coast of Fife.
Spectrum were awarded the contract based on the strength of our experience and expertise with this particular turbine and its refurbishment.

We invited members of the community to visit our partner’s refurbishment facility in Denmark which they duly accepted. It’s safe to say they were suitably impressed and their decision to choose Spectrum suitably vindicated.
The installation was a complete success and the performance of the turbine has been exemplary.
Due to the flawless nature of the project, Spectrum were asked to maintain the turbine for the next 5 years, which we were only happy to accept.

If you are community association looking to develop a Vestas wind turbine, why not call us to find out how we can help.