Electrical Testing
for Wind Turbines

Spectrum Energy Systems was born from an electrical engineering company. Our engineers are electrical experts first and foremost. With our Electrical Testing services, we ensure a high-quality electrical installation of your wind turbine ensures that it’s electrical components operate at optimum capacity.

Spectrum will test and certify all the electrical work associated with your wind turbine. We can work with both LV and HV equipment and we are G59/3 witness test experts. One of only a handful of companies left who can certify to G59/3 standards.

Our electrical installation and testing service includes:

  • HV and LV terminating
  • Transformer installation and testing
  • DNO contestable works
  • All substation electricals including HV/LV switchgear, metering, RMU’s and transformers.
  • HV/LV cabling both generator side and grid side.